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Stickman YoYo Stickman YoYo

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'm sorry but... what the hell?

I had to write a review because of those insane praises you got from the other reviews. It was good animating skill but not "Awsome" or "Great" like some of those people said. In my opinion it was nothing. Now, youre Zelda flash, that was something. That was "Awsome", that was "Great" but not this stick Yo-Yo. What the hell was Ghetto Joe and BMan watching.

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sexysexybicycle responds:

Hey man, I totally agree with you. Thanks for being so honest! I'm also suprised that this video has gotten so many 9s and 10s. However flattering they are, I also feel like those scores are way off. There are a few things on newgrounds that truly deserve the score of a 9 or 10, and this movie isn't one of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of this movie for what it is. But I agree that some of the scores it's been given don't make sense. I don't want people to score this movie based on how much they liked my other movie, but whatever. Who am I to complain about positive reviews? Anyway, thank you for your honesty.


MCTV: Signals MCTV: Signals

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Yeah, Hmmm. That was different how you recorded a video ame and tried to make it something more. 6/10 and 3/5 for the interesting idea.

The Undead The Undead

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It was strange.. I guess that goes without saying.

Don't pay any attention to that last review, some people just have bad taste. I really liked this Flash, I'm not sure if you meant for anyone to understand the entire strange concept though. But I was in awe at your animation style. It looked great; movements, color, and, of course, the style. Great work. (5/5)

Freerun: Go-Man, Scene 1 Freerun: Go-Man, Scene 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Why is this # 1?

Most of the entire Flash wasn't even you're work. You could tell the images were taken from somewhere else. The little actual animation there was came in and looked so awful, proving these nice background images were someone elses. For this to be scored so high, just shows how horrible the voters opinions are on this site. i gues I give up.

Broken Saints CH 24 ACT 5 Broken Saints CH 24 ACT 5

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Sorry, but the one who bashes the saints is right.

It is beautiful stuff, but the overall flash is truly boring. This is directed to the Broken Saint himself; These flashes need the pace quickened. The images and the text are on there too long. I think the art is amazing stuff but it needs an uptempo. Some more intense music and some more meaningful images. To be Frank with you, i can't sit through an entire episode.

Moonlight Moonlight

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good animation but very cliche.

I don't know why this is scored so high, it's very cheesy.

Sounds Of Thunder Sounds Of Thunder

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great, your style is really unique.

I think I liked the beggining credits the most. Good work, sad story.

t.u. t.u.

Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was very cool. Although better fighting and/or sound would have gotten this a 5/5 and 10/10. I liked it though. 4/5

Wacked! Episode 7 Wacked! Episode 7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

LOL. That was great.

Yeah, about as good as #6. I like the logo change between the 2 movies. I'm definately gonna finish these.

Wacked! Episode 6 Wacked! Episode 6

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Glad to see you made them longer.

This was the best of the 6 I've watched so far. I'm working on watching all of these and I'm really becoming a fan of the series. I can't believe these arent more popular.